My name is Gabriela Kovacs and I'm defined by a great passion: Tango

This music is part of my life since I have memory; when I was a child, its lyrics invaded every corner of my house. As an adult, I designed two tango houses...
Without knowing it, they would take me to meet the love of my life, with whom we gave life to Rojo Tango and Café de los Angelitos, two tango icons in Buenos Aires.
From so much walking the two-four time, and due to my passion for shoes, I dreamed of giving tango the impeccable shoes that it lacked.
And today, the dream came true.
I went to the origins -towards the beginning of the 20th century- and, thus, I managed to realize them with that handcrafted and manual concept of the era in which this suburban rhythm was born.
Currently, the tango dance shoes are carried in a bag and are changed at the moment of dancing, because their aesthetics and their finishes are not contemporary.
My goal with Kovacs Tango Shoes, is to make you feel elegant, comfortable and distinguished, whether at a dinner, a theater or a party.
Each shoe is finely crafted in handcrafted tanneries and the finished products are controlled unit by unit... I assure you that you will want to leave your house with them on!
In the Kovacs Tango Shoes you will also find a variety of heels, although they all will have something in common: they are carefully lined and have exquisite finishes.
You will be able to choose the height in which you feel most comfortable.
The Kovacs Tango Shoes -like the sensual rhythm that inspired them- were born in Argentina.
As a symbol of its rioplatense identity, each of my shoes wears a blue and white rosette.

Tango is passion,

Dancing is passion.

Kovacs Tango Shoes will walk you into that passion.